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Cash is still king!

Currency remains the most popular printed item in the world. As this linked article explains, many "death of cash" stories rely on unscientific surveys that rely on participants' preferences and memories.    

With cash still king, banknote production has become increasingly more complex with holograms, threads, foils and numerous security features.  Boulder Imaging's RESERVE inspection systems detect surface defects, non-uniformities and characteristics in bank notes and security paper.  Learn more by visiting our Product Inspection page.



Learn More About IdentiFlight

You may have noticed coverage in the news of late regarding the issue the wind energy industry is facing when dealing with eagle collisions with wind turbines. To address this issue, BI and Renewable Energy Systems Americas (RES) developed IdentiFlight, a monitoring and detection system with the critical mission of preventing eagle deaths and violations of the Endangered Species Act. With BI as the technology provider, IdentiFlight is uniquely capable of detecting and identifying eagles in real time. Learn more by visiting RES Americas and Boulder Imaging's IdentiFlight pages

IdentiFlight Tower Installation at NREL

IdentiFlight Tower Installation at NREL

Special Delivery

It is hard to see them leave the nest but today’s departure is noteworthy. BI is shipping our highest performance system to date into the world of SPX surface inspection.

The rack (pictured here) will contain system servers in a filtered enclosure to be installed in the customer’s production environment.  The hardware and its enhanced componentry are designed to significantly increase the performance and reliability for our customer’s quality assurance.

Specifically, the upgraded hardware and software are anticipated to perform at approximately 150 percent of the previous generation’s rates. As a result, the system will be uniquely prepared to adapt to the customer’s evolving production and defect detection requirements for years to come.

Safe travels!

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