Boulder Imaging Affiliate Purchases IdentiFlight Assets


Boulder Imaging Affiliate Purchases IdentiFlight, LLC Assets

Innovative technology leading the way for protecting Bald and Golden Eagles in wind farms

Louisville, CO • May 9, 2017 — Boulder Imaging, machine vision technology experts, is pleased to announce that IdentiFlight International, LLC has purchased the assets of IdentiFlight, LLC from Renewable Energy Systems Americas (RES), a leader in the development, construction, and operations of wind, solar, transmission, and energy storage projects.  

IdentiFlight International, LLC is jointly owned by Boulder Imaging and certain private investors affiliated with the company.

IdentiFlight®, Protecting Nature in a Renewable World

Avian collisions with turbine blades have been an issue within the wind energy industry and an impediment to growth.  The IdentiFlight® Aerial Detection System was developed to address this problem and promote the successful coexistence of avian wildlife and wind energy.

The IdentiFlight system blends artificial intelligence with the high-precision optical technology developed by Boulder Imaging to detect eagles and protect them from collisions with rotating wind turbine blades.  Automatic detection and species determination occur within seconds for birds flying within a one kilometer hemisphere around an IdentiFlight tower.  If an eagle’s speed and flight path indicate risk of collision, a signal is generated to shut down that specific wind turbine.

By empowering wind farm operators with highly targeted, informed and objective curtailment decisions, unnecessary and costly interruptions are avoided and conservation of protected species is achieved. 

IdentiFlight systems are currently operational in pilot programs at Wyoming and Minnesota wind farms with elevated eagle activity.  A third party performance report on the accuracy and effectiveness of IdentiFlight from The Peregrine Fund and the American Wind and Wildlife Institute is expected to be released later this month.

In addition to Golden and Bald Eagles, the technology can be extended for use in the protection of California condors and other species of concern.

Boulder Imaging, RES Collaboration

The Boulder Imaging and RES collaboration began in 2012, resulting in the successful development and testing of the IdentiFlight technology. 

“We have enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship with RES for over five years and are very proud of our latest machine vision innovation with IdentiFlight,” said Carlos Jorquera, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer for Boulder Imaging.  “Boulder Imaging shares RES’ passion to protect wildlife and ensure nature and wind energy can coexist.  With third party testing and validation now complete, we are thrilled to assume the leadership and ownership of this product at such a critical stage and we look forward to making the IdentiFlight system widely available to wind farms across the country.”

Paul Walker, Chief Financial Officer of RES, adds “The IdentiFlight detection system adds an excellent chapter to RES’ ongoing story of innovation in technology, service and products for the renewable energy industry. With IdentiFlight’s successful debut in 2016, the partnership with Boulder Imaging has reached the critical milestone where diverse stakeholders in utilities, wind farm operators, biologists and government regulators can capitalize on the best technology available to protect eagles. RES is confident that Boulder Imaging will maximize the positive impact that we know IdentiFlight is uniquely capable of providing.”

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