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The world’s banknotes are becoming increasingly complex with numerous security features and more elaborate design. Printers continually invest in advanced security features and manufacturing processes to maintain competitive advantage. However, inspection technology often does not keep pace with production.  

With unprecedented speed, accuracy and traceability, RESERVE now offers currency printers a new option for detecting surface defects, non-uniformities, and characteristics in banknotes and security paper.   RESERVE utilizes multiple, micron-accurate inspections at a single point in the process to provide manufacturers with the ability to identify and correct problems with security threads, contamination, substrates, pinholes, foil, holograms, color and watermarks - in real time.

RESERVE Advantages

  • RESERVE's hardware and software architecture is adaptive to rapidly evolving banknote design and security features.
  • Diverse sensor and hardware integration capabilities allow for the latest in high-performance data acquisition.
  • VISION INSPECTOR, Boulder Imaging's proprietary software platform, identifies and classifies defects in real-time, incorporating full data collection, archiving and traceability.
  • Superior customer service and project management provided by Boulder Imaging.  Since 2010, Boulder Imaging has been the machine vision provider of choice for Crane Currency, one of the world’s largest and most inventive banknote paper manufacturers.  Case Study Link


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