Machine Vision solutions made simple

Boulder Imaging’s technology brings together military-grade high performance digital video recording, uncompressed high resolution image data, and machine vision software. Supplying high quality imagery as well as leveraging best practices from previous work, BI can provide the most accurate detection, classification, statistical analysis and reporting possibleThis technology transforms all aspects of a company’s operations.

Product inspection

With unprecedented speed, accuracy and traceability, our inspection solutions solve the toughest challenges in a variety of industries including: Architectural Products, Technical Paper, Banknotes and Security Paper, and Performance Coatings. 

Identiflight and wind Energy

 From endangered species detection with IdentiFlight® to aerial surveys for environmental studies to optimizing turbine blade performance, our proprietary technology accommodates unique identification challenges and delivers cost-effective performance.

Quazar hpdvr

Boulder Imaging's Quazar is a high-performance digital video recording, processing and analysis solution that makes engineering and scientific observation, measurement and review of critical events possible in real-time

Emerging markets

Boulder Imaging is constantly engaged in feasibility or proof-of-concept studies to build opportunities for future markets. Solutions for the carbon fiber, coiled metal and jet engine exhaust inspection have reached advanced stages of development. 

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