transforming performance through machine vision

Boulder Imaging places our customers at the forefront of industry performance with revealing visual data.  


Implementing the most advanced machine vision technologies to enable real-time inspection.


Providing objective, traceable results tailored to customer requirements.


Networking technologies across local and global facilities.

What we can do for you

Through years of experience, we have learned that process transformation, innovation and success are founded on collaboration.  Boulder Imaging works with you as a partner to achieve the results you require.  


Does your business require more than incremental improvement to achieve a competitive edge? Boulder Imaging drives innovation by providing technology solutions to transform your operations and financials.  By innovating together, we believe that our approach will enhance your quality assurance and ultimately be a part of your ongoing success story. 


We understand that your people are your greatest asset. In addition to implementing transformative technology, Boulder Imaging can help you elevate employee performance by creating meaningful work, providing better tools, and enabling optimal human impact and contribution in the workplace. 

Manage Risk and Change

Change is hard.   Boulder Imaging can guide you through the business of change management for your peopleenvironment and culture with a dedicated team to support you.  Our project management philosophy delivers on the belief that significant results can be achieved without significant added burden on your team and processes.


While we are proud of our technology, we are also passionate about customer care. Boulder Imaging supports you as a trusted partner throughout the life of your business. Our project managers, trainers and customer care team are with you every step of the way.

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