the team

Our staff is composed of the industry’s most experienced software, optical, and mechanical engineers. Further complemented by highly qualified, versatile and experienced project managers, consultants, relationship managers, analysts and professionals, Boulder Imaging staff acts as an extension of our clients’ teams to help drive them towards continued success.

As the company founder and CEO, Carlos provides the vision and direction for Boulder Imaging’s technology. After extensive work with sensor technologies at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, he realized that high-performance imaging had a great deal of untapped potential and founded Boulder Imaging in 1995. He has since guided the company’s research and development and product roadmap, including products for real-time image acquisition, analysis, and processing solutions for high-speed manufacturing, engineering, and scientific application


Chief Executive Officer, Chief Technology Officer

As Chief Operating Officer and President, Don manages Boulder Imaging’s strategic planning, finance and operations management. His extensive background in design and manufacturing for the aerospace and automotive industries is instrumental in assessing the challenges that Boulder Imaging’s clients face. Don leverages more than 20 years in finance and engineering to lead Boulder Imaging’s evolution from research and development to provider of turnkey and custom imaging solutions.


President, Chief Operating Officer


As Director of Quality Control, Jason ensures that all Boulder Imaging products meet stringent, exceptional quality levels. With a diverse background in software development, systems engineering, and quality assurance, Jason brings a passion for delivering products of world-class quality. Jason’s experience includes enterprise laser-jet system design, end-to-end automation test system development, and infrastructure design to accommodate rigorous quality standards. Jason also serves as Boulder Imaging’s Chief Security Officer.

JAson luttrell

Director, Quality Engineering

Lindsey has a ten year career in corporate strategy and finance having worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies directing financial valuation methodologies, M&A integration, and strategic planning. In her role as Director of Finance and Administration, she drives financial strategy and planning for BI and its subsidiary, IdentiFlight International.


Director, Finance and Administration


With extensive experience in the high tech, engineering and energy industries, Shelley develops and implements the overall marketing strategy for Boulder Imaging – building the brand and driving new business – as well as directing the market introduction of IdentiFlight.

Shelley Vierra

Director, Marketing and Communications

Aaron Coppage brings nine years of engineering expertise to his role as Director of Hardware Engineering, leading mechanical, electrical and optical engineering design for the IdentiFlight Aerial Detection System. Aaron has led the hardware design for IdentiFlight since program inception, ushering IdentiFlight designs from research, design development, field and lab testing and most recently into commercial sales.


Director, Hardware Engineering


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