Product inspection

Our intelligent machine vision technology enhances lean manufacturing and quality control processes.  With unprecedented speed, accuracy and traceability, our inspection solutions solve the toughest challenges in a variety of industries including Architectural Products, Technical Paper, Currency and Banknotes, and Performance Coatings

Technology Delivery

Boulder Imaging provides turnkey inspection equipment. All custom solutions are designed and integrated in-house using the latest proven, commercially available components. This ensures reliability and the longest possible service life of components and inspection equipment. Vision Inspector, Boulder Imaging's suite of software solutions, is created and maintained in-house and leverages the latest commercially available sensors, servers, auxiliary inspection equipment, and facility interface needs. Project management, installation, commissioning, documentation and training for all installations are managed by Boulder Imaging personnel.


Boulder Imaging’s ARCHITECT solution enables high resolution inspection of architectural products, such as ceiling tiles, flooring, siding, and decorative laminates. In architectural product manufacturing, superior quality is increasingly critical as the sophistication and expense of finishes continues to evolve. Defects or production issues can be extremely costly,in materials, time loss, and in a manufacturer’s reputation.

Equipped with Boulder Imaging’s ARCHITECT surface inspection technology, architectural product manufacturers are poised to achieve 100 percent quality inspection of surface and color variances. Defects are located, classified and mapped as the manufacturing line runs at speeds up in excess of 400 linear feet-per-minute.  Results are available real-time and can be processed either in-production or at final inspection.


Boulder Imaging's RESERVE inspection system detects surface defects, non-uniformities, and characteristics in banknotes, security paper and synthetic papers with unprecedented speed, accuracy and resolution.  Diverse sensor and hardware integration capabilities allow for the latest in high-performance data acquisition. VISION INSPECTOR, Boulder Imaging's proprietary software platform, identifies and classifies defects in real-time, incorporating full data collection, archiving and traceability.

 Learn more about RESERVE for banknotes and security paper here.

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Boulder Imaging's TECHNOPRINT inspection system detects, measures, and classifies defects and nonconformities in synthetic paper and films. Our high-performance machine vision inspection system can see both reflective and transmissive defects as small as 75 microns and at speeds up to 800 feet per minute.  

 Learn more about TECHNOPRINT here.

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Coated products require complete inspection of finished surfaces to identify defects that could trigger rejection of product. Accurate and repeatable analysis of component ingredients is critical in the batch manufacturing process. 

Boulder Imaging’s vision inspection technology lab products replace human subjectivity in coatings quality assurance labs with objective, accurate data and highly repeatable performance. Surface defect detection with automatic classification of defects includes, but is not limited to, craters, resin seeds, solvent pop, and contaminants.


Lab Series Grind Gage

Lab Series Panel Inspection

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