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Field Tested and Proven

The IdentiFlight® system is currently undergoing real-world testing and validation in pilot programs at a US wind farms with elevated eagle activity.   Additional collaboration with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has further increased industry exposure and aided in the dialogue on the successful co-existence of renewable energy and endangered species. 

A third party audit report on IdentiFlight from The Peregrine Fund and the American Wind Wildlife Institute is expected to be released in late May 2017.

Mobile Survey System

Boulder Imaging's technology offers expanded use for field surveys by engineers, biologists, statisticians and academic stakeholders to address broader species of interest. When mobilized as a portable or temporary system, the machine vision survey technology can be used for field work and environmental and wildlife studies to provide biologists with accurate and real-time data.

Because the system is easy to mobilize, install and power, portable systems provide a cost effective tool for monitoring and collecting data real-time in areas where a permanent installation would not be needed (studies, seasonal observations, etc.).  With ruggedization, the technology can operate in environments that would be challenging for around-the-clock human observation, providing a valuable tool to enhance the quality of data and biologists’ reporting.

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