emerging markets

Boulder Imaging is constantly engaged in feasibility or proof-of-concept studies to build opportunities for future markets. Noteworthy engagements currently underway include inspection of: 

Carbon Fiber

The ability to detect carbon fiber defects including wraps, breaks and wefts in carbon fiber manufacturing is critical. If not caught in time, these defects can cause the shut down of entire lines.  Additionally, carbon fiber breaks can continue into the oven and accumulate in piles that start to generate heat due to chemical reactions. The reactions generate heat that can ignite the material and shut down production for several days.

Boulder Imaging’s automated inspection solution give manufacturers the ability to:

• Quantify the magnitude of fray/fuzz for carbon fiber tows

• Objectively quantify and grade batches continuously for fray

• Observe the floor and monitor debris build up before fires occur

• Continually improve the manufacturing process for accurate inspection performance

Coiled Metal

With the advent of increasingly expensive and sophisticated finishes, coiled metal is an industry where surface quality is becoming more critical every day. Surprisingly, the coiled metal industry – stainless, coated or uncoated – remains highly reliant upon the human eye for inspection.

With Boulder Imaging’s inspection technology, coiled metal manufacturers have the ability to conduct 100 percent roll inspection with objective criteria and traceable results so that every shipment meets customer acceptance requirements. Speed and accuracy coexist to dramatically elevate quality assurance and customer satisfaction.

• Effective with steel (cold-rolled, electro-galvanized, hot-dipped galvanized, stainless), copper, brass, aluminum and other metals

• 100 percent inspection down to 26 microns

• Inspection at production speeds of 400 feet per minute

• Full data collection and archiving

• Ability to pick up edges in imaging for coil and blanking lines

• Customized to suit needs of manufacturer with a tailored library of defects. New defects are easily classified and incorporated into the system via proprietary software tools

• The ability to image color – black to white, finish – gloss to matte, and texture

Jet Engines

Aerospace product OEMs demand absolute precision in both manufacturing and inspection of high performance parts. FAA-certified repair facilities are tasked with ensuring that parts are manufactured or repaired to certified standards and carry virtually zero defects. These highly competitive industries perform best when machining and assembly processes minimize time and (as a result) lower capital and operating costs. With our repeatable, accurate vision inspection technology, manufacturers limit or eliminate interruptions in their production processes, helping them maintain product quality and cost efficiencies.

Boulder Imaging’s aerospace expertise spans more than 20 years. Continuous innovation has driven complete life-cycle inspection capability; this ranges from coatings inspection and metrology of individual components to performing complex high performance digital video recording of commercial jet engines on test stands.


In 2015, Boulder Imaging began working with an inline pipeline inspection consultant to analyze pipeline inspection data. 

The ultrasonic data from pipeline inspection device is stored on board the tool and downloaded after the run for analysis.  Boulder Imaging’s Vision Inspector software then processes the data to identify and classify internal corrosion and debris defects, replacing the time consuming and less accurate manual process.  

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