Customer Care

While we are proud of our technology, we are also passionate about customer care.

Boulder Imaging supports you as a trusted partner throughout the life of your business. All BI technology is delivered turnkey and without the aid of external partners. Our project managers, trainers and customer care team are with you every step of the way, through factory acceptance testing, installation and training. Our documentation and training team provides comprehensive operator guides, system manuals, and maintenance manuals to cover the topics of operation, safety and compliance, preventative maintenance, calibration and any software updates.


In 2016, BI introduced viSupport, an extension of our commitment to long-term customer success with BI’s Vision Inspector machine vision technology. BI field application engineers oversee the machine vision system operating health and readiness so that customer’s production, engineering, and quality control personnel can focus on diverse, and often time-sensitive, responsibilities. 

The foundation of viSupport is daily interaction and collaboration. By maximizing the power of BI’s remote access, comprehensive diagnostic procedures can provide the right information to alert early intervention, allowing needed maintenance to be scheduled and minimizing the impact of maintaining the Vision Inspector System.

The viSupport program nurtures a proactive approach to customer support which yields better results than reactive. Examples include:

  • Training new employees in software use and troubleshooting

  • Implementing (or first-time inspection of) new products

  • Affirming system performance after scheduled downtime

For customers that value site visits and prefer to lean on BI to perform the most technical forms of maintenance, additional levels of support are offered. BI engineers perform a pre-planned list of system health checks to identify and correct issues such as deterioration in calibration or illumination. This level of detailed effort builds the highest confidence that the inspection system is fully tuned and operational and assures that the system continues to perform at optimum levels between visits.

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